Kaisei 2010

Ocean Voyages Institute’s Project Kaisei Addresses the Issue of Ocean Plastic Trash in 2010

Ocean Voyages Institute established Project Kaisei as its Ocean Clean Up Initiative to find effective ways to stop the flow of plastics into the ocean, and begin to remove discarded plastics – from toothbrushes to plastic containers of all types, tiny plastic shards to abandoned fishing nets – from the North Pacific Gyre.

We believe the public needs to see the amount of plastic trash in the Gyre and understand the consequences of a failure to act. Through outreach and communications across all media outlets we can assure that our discoveries at sea will be shared with those who can make a difference – global citizens, manufacturers, scientists and governing bodies. Healthy oceans matter!

Please read our daily updates from the 2010 Kaisei Expedition from the North Pacific Gyre.


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