Plastic Trash Survey at Sea Continues

27 08 2010

26 August 2010 Thursday
Latitude 32 degrees 47 minutes North
Longitude 137 degrees, 52 minutes West

Our Sailing Master, Stephen Mann, is an experienced Tall Ship Captain as well as a circumnavigator in his own yacht. We have all been very impressed by the ship’s compliment. Henry Whittaker and Gabe Goldthwaite began volunteering in the Ocean Voyages Institute office and helping Project Kaisei with social networking. Their enthusiasm and spirit led Mary Crowley to invite them to participate in the voyage. They are childhood friends and recent college graduates from Oberlin College, Gabe with a degree in Biology and Environmental Studies and Henry with a degree in Economics and Environmental Studies. They have shown an enthusiasm for every part of this adventure, from climbing in the rig to setting sails, standing watches, and hauling in garbage. We hope they will stay involved to help us communicate the mission’s experiences to millions of people globally through social networking.

Andrea Daly also volunteered in the Ocean Voyages Institute office. She is a student at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles and will be doing an art show with reflections on this voyage during the dates Sept 12-24 on campus. Annie has been a great addition to our voyage crew and Project Kaisei.

We have another father and son team on board, Tim Jones and his son Chip. Tim is an experienced Alaskan Captain as well as an excellent photographer and writer. Chip has been around boats but had never done a passage before. This experience, as our youngest crew member at 20, has left his him interested in enrolling in the California Maritime Academy. We welcome Tim and Chip as good additions to the Project Kaisei team.

Gabe, Henry, Annie and Chip, as young people who had never been to sea before, have all shown real aptitude for Tall Ship sailing as well as great interest and passion in our plastics mission.

Kelsey Richardson comes from a sailing family and lives on a boat in the Berkeley Marina, however, this type of long voyaging experience has opened new worlds to her as well. She is looking forward to assisting OVI in the office with some projects after our voyage as she deeply believes in our work.

Today the wind has come up, blowing 10 to 15 knots and making our plastic sightings more difficult, however we continue our cataloging work. This morning we were able to retrieve a ghost net fragment in the early morning hours. We are under sail and are continuing our survey.




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