Day 28 S/V Kaisei: The Voyage Ends/The Journey Begins

31 08 2009

Monday, 31 August 2009

San Francisco Opens Her Golden Gate

After thirty days at sea, with twenty-five expeditionaries aboard and under the flag of Project Kaisei, we are welcomed back by hundreds and hundreds of supporters on shore, the Brigantine Kaisei, under full sail entered the Golden Gate returning home from its mythical encounter with the ‘plastic dragon’. We went to the dragon’s lair in the Gyre and although we didn’t see him, we found his trash. Lots of it!

Spirits were high as scientists completed their final early morning surface trawl in the Farallons Marine Sanctuary. We were given special permission to do water sampling and manta trawls in the sanctuaries so that we can provide the sanctuaries with data as well as have comparisons with the samples we have obtained in the gyre.

Cameras lined the rail as a shark, a seal and several whales passed us by, as if welcoming us back. The video team was packing cases and wrapping equipment, the cooks were securing the galley after breakfast, the course was set to the San Francisco Entrance — heading 080º. All our personal gear was ready to be taken ashore.

Mission accomplished, or mission just begun? Once our eyes have been opened to the shocking reality of toxic manmade marine debris, how can we turn our attention away from this pressing reality? There will be a press conference tomorrow, our hope is that we can ignite broad awareness of what we’ve learned. Can we get sixty seconds on the Eleven O’clock news? Can viewers feel the shock of what we’ve seen? The next time we take a plastic bag, throw plastic bottles, toys, packaging and the like into the trash, will we think twice? I like the slogan: reduce, re-use, recycle.

You can believe the 25 of us will. We hope you have enjoyed these electronic messages in bottle sent from sea and that you will take them to heart, our blue heart as Mary Crowley calls the oceans.

Thanks for reading and your comments.

John Azzaro




6 responses

31 08 2009
Wolfgang Schubert

Shot the vessel from San Francisco’s Wave Organ just before she docked in the East Bay:
Last minutes of an ocean voyage

More power to you guys! Cheers!

1 09 2009

Thank you all for your actions! Your journey will increase awareness of the Grye and how our actions effect the Worlds Oceans.

3 09 2009
Kingdon R. Hawes

Welcome back.
Love, Dad

6 09 2009
Cheryl Gordon aka Muffyjo

No one can measure the impact of our trash exactly, but you have taken on the task to try to do so. Thank you and all who participate in Saving Our Planet from ourselves. Man requires facts even when the obvious is staring us in the face. You are providing this for us.

Now, We all need to spread the word & do what we can to make this a safe environment. Our Legacy to our children should not be a contaminated, diseased planet.

I am tweeting this blog and posting it on Facebook now. Please keep us posted!

We are all in This Together. Lets make it a Good One!


9 09 2009

I apologize to you for not communicating our arrival time. We were out of internet service until we docked.

18 09 2009
Debbie Huntsman

Oh, thank you! Mary Crowley, “our blue heart,” what a lovely description of the sea. It breaks my heart to see it so littered. I wish I could sail away to the gyre with you all and DO something! I will happily add this to my blogroll.

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