Day 14a S/V Kaisei: Glad Tidings

18 08 2009

Monday, 17 August 2009
Lat: 33° 57’ N Lon: 139° 03’ W



Joy, Mid-Ocean

Jo Ruxton sailed aboard the Kaisei anticipating completing her voyage in time to return home to SW England in ample time for the birth of her first grandchild.

Jess Hickie, one of her daughters and a marine biologist, encouraged Jo to come out on our mission despite the impending blessed event. Jo’s other daughter, Heather, is on assignment in Cyprus working on a sea turtle conservation project also anticipated returning home for the birth.

To Jo’s great surprise and delight, baby girl Maddie arrived this morning, two weeks ahead of schedule and Jo received the news by e-mail and had a brief sat phone conversation within 15 minutes of her granddaughter’s arrival, she could hear Maddie’s healthy young voice in the background.

We welcome Maddie and hope she will enjoy the world’s oceans and wish Jess and her husband Simon our congratulations.




One response

19 08 2009
Maddie Hickie

thank you for your posting, I hope the trip is going well. I can’t wait to meet my Nana when she gets home soon. Love from Maddie x

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