Day 11 S/V Kaisei: My Rules

14 08 2009

Friday, 14 August 2009
Lat: 34° 43’ N Lon: 143° 221’ W

Lisa Angus Aboard Kaisei

Lisa Angus Aboard Kaisei

This is a ‘shout out’ to Bill Corley.

One of our daily rituals aboard the S/V Kaisei is the after dinner speech. Most of the talks have been entertaining mini life stories. Lisa Angus instead spoke about an amazing sailor, her inspiring uncle, Bill Corley. He not only taught her sailing but he also encouraged her participation on our mission. We’re glad he did. Rather than give you his story as businessman, author, and sailor, we’d like to share Lisa’s reading of her uncle’s Four Rules.

My Rules

1. Live the simple life and derive your strength from the natural world.

Enjoy, rather than shy away, from physical work. Learn to use your hands and basic tools as our forebears did, even though it may seem unnecessary in a modern society. It will give you great satisfaction and a certain feeling of independence. Enjoy the hi-tech tools and gadgets of our time but don’t become obsessed by them. Turn the television off and forget about wasting so much time playing with communication devices. Instead, make a constant effort to understand the natural world around you. Observe every living thing with curiosity and compassion because we are all related to a common ancestor; even the Oak tree whose shade we enjoy. Walk the land with a new appreciation of the marvelous cycle of renewal right under our feet. Finally, gaze into a dark night sky and try to grasp our insignificant place in the universe. It will help you understand and appreciate the short lifespan we enjoy here on the planet.

2. Don’t be driven by greed. Take only what you need. Leave a little for seed.

Approach your work as the human necessity it is – the basic need, within each individual, to fill their life with meaning. People who curse the need to work are stupid. You can never achieve happiness without experiencing some form of personal industry. Once you embrace this rule, measure success by accomplishment, not monetary gain. The accumulation of assets is a deadly trap. Know when enough is enough and pursue other interests just for the fun of it. Never hoard your wealth and experience. Be willing to share both with society as a whole. That is the seed for future generations.

3. Follow your own path. Stay away from the crowd.

Our greatest human asset is our brain and its ability for individual thought and action. When you sacrifice this asset through laziness, or just to fit in, you lose your identity and the possibility of some measure of greatness; along with the ability to promote the enlightenment of our species. You become a member of the crowd substituting dogma for rational thought. If you come to a fork in the road, take it. You will have taken a giant step away from the boring path of the multitude.

4. Spend your life accumulating experiences. Not things.

The happy individual at the end of a life is one who feels he has experienced life to the fullest with child-like curiosity and a sense of adventure. There is a feeling of sadness, for those who choose things and assets over a simple but fulfilling life. They die ignorant of life’s true potential and meaning.




4 responses

15 08 2009
Kay Folks

Go Lisa!!!


16 08 2009
chris howerdd

hey lisa,
here’s to uncle bill. i’m w/ him on the 4 rules. we love and miss you. what a great experience you must be having. GOOD picture. dan says hi. we are going out on your neighbor charlie’s boat tomorrow. i’m looking forward to telling them about your blog. oxo chris

16 08 2009

Love the 4 rules, it is a great reminder of the important things in life. Thanks for sharing

23 08 2009

Hi Lisa,
I am following the blog and feel lucky to have a friend on that boat.
Thanks to you and the whole crew for doing this great work. I look forward to hearing your stories on your return. Abrazos, Sandy

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