Day 10 S/V Kaisei: In the Water

13 08 2009
Day 10 - Glass buoy

Day 10 - Glass buoy

Thursday, 13 August 2009
Lat: 34° 42’ N Lon: 143° 19’ W
CalCofi Station testing site

“Water, water all around…”

We find ourselves, 1300 miles west of Southern California, surrounded by mountain ranges of clouds, lit by the setting sun on the horizon as we stop again at a CalCofi research site to perform a variety of tests. These locations have been used to collect information for years and our science team is happy to gather data as we do our own studies.

This morning we launched one of our tenders, inflatable dinghys with engines, some diver/scientists and an underwater video crew that went out to see a floating “ghost net”. We are in the Gyre where bottles, fishing floats, polypropylene netting and other marine debris of all sizes are prevalent. Today we captured a green glass fishing float larger than a basketball and between 20-30 years old.

The best “in the water” experience was when we had a swim call. We jumped from the Kaisei’s rails, ratlines, and bowsprit into 18,000 feet of the blue Pacific.
Exhilarating to swim in a three and a half mile deep pool.




One response

15 08 2009
Carol Carlson

I don’t know what a ratline is but I would jump off in a second into 18,000 feet of the blue Pacific (don’t try to touch the bottom I would tell my grandson.)

Meanwhile I am harvesting tomatoes, green beans, summer squash , corn, onions and blueberries like a landlubber – just so you remember the earth part. Yum. We are one.

And when I go to the store now at my dad’s I say ” Plastic – no way! (One plastic bag per item if you didn’t know.) “It never degrades. Why throw away stuff that never goes away.?” I say this because they’ve never heard it before.

I am energized by your experience out there and your thoughts on how we can clean it up.

Keep it coming!
Carol Carlson

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