Day 06 S/V Kaisei: Staying Connected/Staying Supported

9 08 2009

Kaisei Sponsor SeaTel

Sunday, 9 August 2009
Lat: 33° 33’ N Lon: 135° 00’ W

“The impossible missions are the only ones that succeed.”
− Jacques Cousteau.

As we advance deeper into our mission, due to our amazing onshore support network, success seems very possible.

The life-long vision of Mary Crowley, Director of Ocean Voyages Institute (OVI) and co-founder, along with Doug Woodring and George Orbelian, of Project Kaisei, has been finding solutions for cleaning up our ocean environments. OVI is a California-based 501c(3) founded in 1979 by a group of environmentalists and sailors dedicated to ocean environmental issues and the preservation of the maritime arts and sciences. Her work and that of the OVI Board has attracted the attention and active participation of activists, ocean lovers, scientists, environmentalists, film producers, media and sympathetic supporters worldwide who have come together under the Project Kaisei flag – the ocean flag.

That flag now flies 100’ above the deck of the brigantine Kaisei, operated by OVI and on the R/V New Horizon joining our mission from the venerable Scripps Institution of Oceanography at University of California San Diego.

Respected Ocean Scientist Dr. Sylvia Earle, ‘Explorer-in-Residence’ at National Geographic Mission Programs, along with other advisory board members of leading ocean environmental advocates have leant extensive support, ideas, and connections to this mission.

Since one of the mission’s objectives is recycling, we welcomed a donation from the Brussels-based Bureau of International Recycling (BIR); one of two principal donors of the project. Recycling marine debris would contribute to both cleaning up the ocean and delivering even more recycled resources. We look forward to working with local and international recyclers on innovative ways to repurpose marine debris.

Our biggest contribution came from an anonymous individual, who is a lifelong environmentalist and innovator. It is people like this who, with our Project Kaisei team, are putting forth the effort to change the world for the better.

Vital to Kaisei’s underway activity is the marine satellite antenna system – generously provided by SeaTel Cobham. Wes Shenck and his team have been wonrderful. Marlink has provided Kaisei with the necessary bandwidth to make utilization of the Sat equipment possible and General Electric has provided the Satellite through which the communications runs. Our extreme thanks goes to Sea Tel/Cobham, Marlink and GE for helping the world watch our voyage unfold in real time.

Mariners on the sailing ships of old had little communication once out of port; Kaisei now enjoys up-to-date weather, navigation, phone, and internet connectivity, along with its ship-to-shore SSB and VHF radio.

Additional funding from Deutche Bank, Pacific Basin Shipping in Hong Kong and the volunteer efforts of many individuals, especially Pete Crowley, Lee Chasteen, and all those who contributed to making the ship ready for sail, has been invaluable. US Foods and the Pt. Richmond West Marine store contributed some welcomed extras to our food and ship’s supplies.

We could not have undertaken the mission without the support and encouragement of hundreds of visionary individuals who have contributed financially and otherwise. Most significantly is Ryan Yerkey, an OVI board member and manager of the team at the Ocean Voyages Institute and Project Kaisei COO; he is our oracle to the media and our tether to the mainland.

To all of these people and organizations, we extend our deepest appreciation because, in fact, they are with us on our voyage. We invite you to join our team and support our work. Our funds have been exhausted, while getting underway. We will return to an even larger task of analysis, communication, and preparation for our next phase in harnessing the ‘plastic dragon’.

Please consider how you can help be a part of cleaning the ocean that belongs to all of us, through contributions to Project Kaisei.




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