Q&A For Team Kaisei

8 08 2009

Dear Friends,

Both vessels, Kaisei and New Horizon are now close to the Gyre. From speaking briefly with Mary Crowley on the phone today they are “seeing more and more plastic and marine debris, both in the manta trawl and floating on the waters.” She expressed shock and disappointment to the extent of the floating debris.

All team members and crew are well, (a number are still getting their sea legs but on a whole in good spirits).

I know many of you have questions about the Marine Debris issue and also Project Kaisei. If you would like to ask a specific question to one of our Team or the crew on board Kaisei, I would be pleased to relay it to the vessel and try to get you an answer.

We have created a Q&A section at the top of the blog on the right handside of the tool bar. Please post questions there and answers will come in kind.

Thank you all for your support


Ryan Yerkey




8 responses

8 08 2009
Carol Carlson

What kind of debris are you seeing, how often? Do you know where it’s from?

How are you trawling? What kind of nets and what do you do with what you bring up?
Curious! More details please, if you can.

How’s the sailing? How’s the weather? What’s it like to see nothing but ocean around you (for the first-time sailors)?

thanks! I love the blogs. More stories from the crew?


8 08 2009

Dear Carol,

All good questions and they have been passed on to the crew on New Horizon who are a little closer to the Gyre.

We are working on more info for the crew and team members of both vessels and I hope to start posting that early next week if not sooner.


9 08 2009

Carol I have a answer from Doug on New Horizon which I am posting in the Q&A section at the top of the blog on the right handside of the tool bar.

8 08 2009

I’m curious about the density of the trash – some pictures would help.

8 08 2009

Dear Jack,

I have passed on your question to Kaisei, please pardon if there is a delay of a day or two.


Ryan Yerkey

8 08 2009
Richard Gondek

s/v Kaisei Team,
Have enjoyed the photos and posts so far.
Discovered a hand full of those squid beaks
in a single albatross bolus from Pt. Reyes…
same size ! The aroma was noteworthy
(as the Captain knows).
Interestingly the bolus contained 70% plastics
much of it resembled dental floss or the decorative
grass/straw stuffed under Easter eggs. Are you seeing
large plastics the size of ballons and shopping bags
or all small shredded and broken up sizes?
Carry on!

Best regards

9 08 2009
Dr. Gordon Neal

I am wondering how the filters and traps are working and what sizes and types of debris you are finding. Need some pics from the Kaisei. What are the big surprises?

16 08 2009

We are finding a large size dispersion of debris mostly in the micro to ultra fine size range. The biggest surprise is the sheer amount of fine particle polymers we are finding. We have also been finding a lot of debris with Chinese writing on them. We have also found a rare glass buoy which was very cool. What is the hardest out here is how beautiful everything out here and then you bring in a net tow filled with debris. Check out our blog! https://projectkaisei.wordpress.com/the-science-team/ Stor Kram Dr. Andrea Neal (Dr. Dre)

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