Day 02 S/V Kaisei: Underway

5 08 2009

Mary Crowley at the Helm (Blog 02)

Wednesday, 5 August 2009
Lat: 35° 51.3 N Lon: 125° 31.6’ W

Heading SSW approximately 50 miles from San Francisco.

Tuesday dawned a beautiful sunny day with light winds, flat seas and most importantly, the first day in weeks without fog at the Golden Gate. The Kaisei motored past a cannon salute from the St. Francis Yacht Club and one of the project’s founders, George Orbelian, paddling his surfboard out to wish us well. Aboard the Kaisei was Mary Crowley, founder of the Project’s sponsoring organization Ocean Voyages Institute, and one the three visionaries who conceived of this mission. They exchanged goodbye waves. The third founding member of the Project, Doug Woodring, is already underway on the New Horizon.

Everyone who was not doing line handling was busy saying goodbye to friends from cell phones. Usually people think of sailing out of the Golden Gate as leaving, in this instance it feels like we are entering into something of huge proportion. The bridge and City entrance stayed in view for hours. It will be nearly a month before we see that sight again.

As the winds and seas were calm, we have continued to motor sailing down the California coast. The setting sun and rising full moon offered a welcomed serenity to the months of work, fund raising and organization this mission has required. Aboard people were introducing themselves, learning the ship’s watch and drill procedures and helping each other to get squared away. Dinner was served to the tired crew of 25.

Please consider joining our crew in your efforts to minimize your use of plastics, sharing our message of cleaning our oceans before the damage become irreversible, and donating whatever you can to support us.




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